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Stacey Jarrett Wagner launched the JarrettWagner Group, LLC in January 2008 to address the impact of human capital management issues on U.S. business competitiveness.

Stacey Jarrett Wagner is an expert at the creation, execution and implementation of cloud-based software programs aligning business goals with workforce investments. These analytic tools can help small businesses be confident that their hiring and training decisions align with the company's overall business strategy. This software can also be used to integrate regional workforce planning that leverages community, state and federal resources, foster stakeholder relationships, capitalize on 21st century training technologies and techniques, and secure investments for workforce development initiatives.

The JarrettWagner Group, LLC specializes in imaginative idea development and implementation for workforce issues such as business/workforce analytics, workforce capacity, alignment of workforce and economic development strategies, post-secondary education transitions and training, research and benchmarking for talent management, non-traditional worker strategies, workforce policy assessment and development, and partnering with philanthropic institutions.

Clients Choose us For Help With:

  • Regional mapping of advanced manufacturing competencies for economic investment and growth. (2022 Corporation for a Skilled Workforce)
  • Trauma-informed awareness guide for workplaces. (2021 National Fund)
  • Evaluation of Connected Communities investment. (2021 American Federation of Teachers)
  • Indiana University-commissioned study on manufacturing workforce policy. (2020)
  • Credential quality in small manufacturing firms. (2019-2020 Workcred)
  • Development and continued oversight of a systems auditor registered apprenticeship. (2018-2022 IAAR)
  • Research, coaching and technical assistance to place-based collaborations. (2008-2020 National Fund)
  • Non-profit strategic planning and implementation. (2018 WRTP/BIG STEP)
  • Biztiks benchmarking for the region's small manufacturers and metrics for companies' workforce processes. (2017 Workforce Central)

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