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Reports & Guides

Trauma-Informed Care at the Workplace. A Guide from the National Fund for Workforce Solutions. April 2021.

Promising Practices for Youth Employment. Lessons Learned from Manufacturing and Automotive Career Pathway Programs. July 2015.

Promising Practices for Youth Employment. Hands-on Multidisciplinary Career Exploration and Mentorships. July 2015.

Creating a Skilled Manufacturing WorkforceReMaking America. 2013. 

The Ultimate Source of Manufacturing Competitiveness. December 2011. Case Study.  ROI

The Economic Rationale for Business Engagement in Workforce Readiness. Corporate Voices for Working Families.  December 2010 (with Laurie Bassi).

Unions As Partners: Expanding the Role of Organized Labor in Workforce Development. National Fund for Workforce Solutions. November 2010.

SSTAR Excels; Investing in a Work-based Learning Approach to Professional Development. Jobs for the Future. November 2010 (with Kimberly Rogers).

Employer Guide to Adult Education for Work. National Center for Education and the Economy Workforce Development Strategies Group and Walmart. One Step Forward Initiative. Fall 2009 (with Phyllis Eisen, Lisa Bauer and Audrey Theis).

Getting Past Either-Or. A Feasibility Study: Arts, Innovation and the Role of Business Champions. The Manufacturing Institute/National Center for the American Workforce. December 2008. (with Scott Cheney).

Work-based Learning in Manufacturing. The Manufacturing Institute/Center for Workforce Success. December 2007 (with Russell Hamm).

Report on Nanotechnolgy and Workforce Needs. The Manufacturing Institute/Center for Workforce Success. December 2007 (with the Center for Nanotechology Manufacturing Education at the Pennsylvania State University).

Forging New Partnerships: How To Thrive into Today’s New Global Value Chain, The Manufacturing Institute and RSM McGladrey. December 2007 (with William Canis, et al).

Improving Workplace Opportunities for Limited English Speaking Workers. The Manufacturing Institute and Jobs for the Future, February 2007 (with Judith Taylor and Heath Prince of Jobs for the Future).

2005 Skills Gap Report: A Survey of the American Manufacturing Workforce. The Manufacturing Institute, December 2005 (With Jerry Jasinowski, Phyllis Eisen and Deloitte Consulting).

Closing the Immigrant Skills Gap. The Manufacturing Institute, October 2005 (With Jobs for the Future).

2000 Benchmarking Forum Comparative Data Report. September 2000.

Saba: A Case Study in Entrepreneurship. Report for the U.S. Department of Labor's U.S./E.U. Seminar on Entrepreneurship, October 1999.

Skills for the Future: A Benchmarking Report on Workplace Training and Education in Europe and the United States. ASTD Report, June 1998.

Trends Reports: Leadership and Executive Development; Learning and Communication. ASTD Reports, 1998.